Inner Style February 25, 2019

Style Moguls Podcast

Listen Up ! Stylish Conversations with Style Moguls Podcast …

Last year I started to think about my reporting days at the BBC Asian Network in London. I really enjoyed reporting but so after moved to the United Arab Emirates. So wanted to re-start broadcasting but this time I wanted to share more about Women Entrepreneurship especially for women in the Asian Muslim World. It’s through my years of working as a Red Carpet Stylist, i profiled these beautiful women about their business and their success that made me want to highlight them for my new venture.

I love talking, and having intimate conversations and creativity, personal growth and development, getting to know how can this person do what their do and doing it well. I have always learned so much through a conversation, I care to listen about how to make women into Style Moguls. I enjoy creativity in all forms, art , media and design but especially through a stylish conversation about life and what we can do to improve ourself and evaluate other people around us. Communicate and connect through Creativity.

I am proud to announce ‘Style Moguls Podcast’ which will feature Creative Women Entrepreneurs. You can find me on iTunes, Soundcloud and Spotify. My Living in the Western world we believe what the media tells but I want to change and challenge those perceptions of women in the Muslim world. When i was living in United Arab Emirates, I saw Muslim women who maybe wearing modest dressing, i also at first made some judgements but after knowing them and living there for 6 years I can say I have’nt seen such talented, determined, hardworking women who were just crushing it in the Business world, in areas of Science, Art, Politics, Cinema an much more.

My travels to Pakistan mad me think about how little resources didn’t deter the female entrepreneurs. I want you to hear and learn through their journeys so you can find your destinations too. Learn how they achieved their success, secrets of mindset and how they overcome failure and hardships. How do these women view religion in this fast pacing modern world we live in and still maintain their culture and traditions. How these women balance their families and there businesses and still look stylish.

Im look forward to bringing you inspirational women that will make you want to do something for 2019 too. Tune in for more Stylish Conversations!

Love and Blessings

Maryum xoxo

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