Styling Services

At Style Moguls experts aim to provide our clients with customized and unique styling.

1. Colour Analysis

“The best colour in the whole world, is the one that looks good, on you!”
Colour analysis a sophisticated way of determining your colour palette and the combination of colours that work best for you and your skin tone. Wearing correct colours can make you look younger, vibrant and even help diminish wrinkles and dark circles.  We can advise you on colour and clothing that suits your particular complexion and body shape.  We will style you so that you look and feel confident and professional to suit your working environment.

2. Personal Styling

Style Moguls are leaders in creating style and enhancing personal image for both men and women.  Our aim is to advise our clients on clothing styles that suit your particular body shape and unique personality.  Have you noticed why we buy and wear the clothes that we do? Purchases made on impulse, during the seasonal sales, or merely because of fashion trends are usually those outfits you that never leave your wardrobe.  Avoid these expensive mistakes by developing your own sense of style. We will style you so that you look and feel confident and professional to suit your working environment.

Another instant change can be created through accessorizing your clothes.  Accessories are to clothes what icing is to cakes (Maryum Sharif).   The correct shoes, hats, glasses, jewellery, gloves and even your buttons are like cake decorations that make you attractive enough to eat…

So enhance your image, change your life.

3. Red Carpet Events

“Sex appeal is fifty percent what you’ve got and fifty percent what people think you’ve got.”
Sophia Loren
Whether you are attending an award ceremony or company annual dinner, we will create a red carpet look for you that will be glamorous and elegant, suit your personality and impress your colleagues.  Look confident and dazzle like a super star.

4. Corporate Styling

Style Moguls corporate styling offers a valued service to those clients in the competitive corporate world.  First impressions count in all parts of society but especially so in business when it could mean the making or breaking of your career.   So why not differentiate yourself from your competitors? Our corporate styling provides empowering and effective help to those people who deal with customer facing roles. 
Companies demand much more from their employees nowadays and therefore crucial to invest in ourselves in order to climb the corporate ladder.
So if you are going for that important interview or promotion; conducting an international seminar or even playing golf on the weekend with your colleagues; let our experts style you with confidence and surely guarantee you success.  We also concentrate on grooming, body language, travelling in style and understanding international etiquette.

5. Wardrobe Management

A successful wardrobe is one that will have the right clothes for you. How much of your wardrobe is dedicated to each part of your life?  We will build and organize your wardrobe in the right way so it suits your particular lifestyle.  We will re-use and re-invent new looks for you with the combination of new and old clothes in your wardrobe.

6. Capsule Wardrobe

A capsule wardrobe is a minimal selection of garments that provides maximum outfit choices.  This is usually created for a specific occasion e.g. packing for a holiday or packing for a business meeting. We will help you eliminate carrying those unnecessary items and pack only essentials needed to attend those international business trips.

7. Personal Shopping

Style Moguls will change your attitude to the shopping experience forever.  We will introduce you to new and exciting brands and boutiques to suit your needs, requirements and budget.  We will provide you with a style mogul expert who will help you shop for your new wardrobe and advise you on techniques that will avoid you making those costly and embarrassing shopping disasters. 

8. One to One Personal Grooming

It is not just catwalk models who benefit from make-up artists and hair stylists. We provide our clients with a holistic approach to one-to-one grooming sessions to make you look and feel confident for every day. We can offer advice on the latest beauty/make-up trends and how they can be adapted to suit you.