Travel & Lifestyle April 3, 2019

International Women’s Day 2019

Dear Wonderful Women around the World !

I would like to personally wish you all a very happy International Women’s Day. The subject for IWD 2019 #BalanceForBetter.

I am in London due to some surgery but thats not the sad news, the sad news was that i couldn’t organise my favourite event of the year in Dubai.  My surgery was delayed hence my plans got extended, God works in wonderful ways, i was planning to extend IWS in London for the past few years and this was the year to make it happen.

So, i was thinking, why did I leave it this long.  No reason, i talked myself out of it, im travelling three or fours times to London from Dubai anyway, it have been easily done. 

This year, i want you to do something, make it a year for you, your work, your travel, your health, your relationships, your Business etc. i want you to ‘DO SOMETHING’. Create and Contribute your talents to the IWS community, fellow women and the world! Lets Go Global. Use the HASHTAG – IWSDOSOMETHING2019

IWS Launch – Dubai to London 2019 celebration dinner on Friday 8th March at Ishtar in London.  We enjoyed a stylish Turkish dinner at Ishtar restaurant, great ambience and live music.‘

Please register yourself on @IntleWomenSoc @MaryumSharif 

Love and Blessings

Maryum Sharif


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